Tippets by Taps #181: Turning the page on another year

October 2022

Tippets #180: Matt Levine on crypto, Moneyball, detail, and more. Enjoy!

September 2022

Tippets #179: Tech No-POs, AI revolution, anxious parents, Rocky and more. Enjoy!
Just blog!
Taproom feat. Liz Walton Egan

August 2022

Tippets #178: Streaming, Sesame Street, Josh Wolfe, and more. Enjoy!
Tales from the Road: Singapore, Indonesia, and Australia Edition
Tippets #177: Serena, Rushdie, cities, whisky and more. Enjoy!

June 2022

Reflections on Father's Day

May 2022

Tippets #176: Language, BookTok, senior robots, and more. Enjoy!
Tippets #175: China, India, formula and more. Enjoy!
Tippets #174: Underwater cables, Twitter, Writer's Fight Club, and more. Enjoy!